This software is set to become a fully fucntional radio automation software and program scheduler for rotations and live programming. It is not fully developed yet awaiting a sponsor to give this project going. Below is the source code developed so far, mostly just the UI:



This is a basic teleprompter package that can be connected to a large TV running text off a file for teleprompter for actor/speaker etc; ideal for video production projects. Source code below:



This software was developed to interface with a chroma key generator; it will display text read from a text file as a scrolling marque over other video footage. Below is the source code:



This software was almost developed to aid in the programming of the DoorKing of door entry systems over a serial modem. Development ceased at the time when I did not have a hardware serial modem to provide. This software will only be catered to either DOS or Linux systems. Windows and other platforms may not … 



BenfordXcli was developed for the BenfordBench project at as a way to check for fraud in large data pools using Benford’s Law of Scalar Invariance. The software will require command line flags in specification of the program input. The program relies also on Linux systems and is currently only available to adapted Linux systems. … 



This software was developed for a cemetery designed to read data files from a software that was no longer supported for their platform. Here is the source code:



Faxgram is a robofax tool that reads a csv list of what numbers to fax using a serial modem. This software can only be used in a Linux environment for now. Here is the source code:



This software was written for a medical dispensary to display menus on large screen televisions. The idea is the store would change a text file and the signage would automatically update. Source code is below: