Software on this site has been commissioned or developed for myself. You can hire me to compile any of the software you find on this site for your specific platform and target system architecture. Cost to compile is about $50 per title per platform with minor changes to the source code and $100 per title with significant source modification to meet your project needs. Software from scratch begins at $100 per project per software title. Any software creation will be open source once rendered. With that said, you are welcome to browse this site for the source code of various projects and compile them yourself if your computer skills are sufficient to do so. If you benefit from any such software, feel free to give me a tip in the PayPal tip jar below.

Why command line development only? Answer is simple: No platform library dependence and no GUI dependence. The software compiles very small for low overhead in storage and resources make the software very responsive even with mass information retrieval. Programs are stand alone which means you just get the software and run it where ever on your system folder you want it. There is no installer and no messy registry BS. Just freedom from the confines of OS co-dependence!

Most software is developed and compiled with the FreeBASIC compiler “fbc -lang qb…”

Thank you,

Jason Page